The purpose of these is to govern the operation, administration and management of the markets. The following guidelines and rules are not intended to burden participants but to ensure smooth operation, fairness and success of the markets. 



Pure Markets fosters an atmosphere of community and mutual respect.  Poor or negative attitudes or communication cannot be a part of our markets and will not be accepted. 

Artisan acceptance is based on level of skill and quality of product.  There must be an element of artistic skill involved in any item fo sale. No purchased and assembled items are permitted. (ie.  a purchased bracelet, earrings, or necklace with purchased charms that are simply put together.)

Embellished items (non-handmade items that have been embroidered or otherwise embellished) may not exceed 25% of items for offered for sale.

Appropriate items for sale may include but not limited to:



     Plants & herbs

     Dairy products*


     Cut or dried flowers

     Arts & crafts

     Baked goods*

     Preserves, jams, jellies, relishes*


     Seafood & meats


Other items and exceptions must be approved by market management. 

*The North Carolina Department of Agriculture andConsumer Services (NCDACS) food safety rules and regulations guiding farmer's markets requires a home inspection for all vendors who do home processing (producing a food product in your home).  ALL vendors who sell home produced food items MUST contact the NCDACS to get information on the regulations and to request a home inspection prior to the sale of any home-produced food item. 

Contact number:  919/733-7366 indicate you are a home processor and need to speak to a food compliance officer about the requirements. Let them know that you will also need a home inspection. Vendor must present a copy of the approval certificate provided by the NCDACS upon completion of the approved inspection  

Non-profit organizations are eligible to participate for fund raising at no cost. Pure Markets has the right to limit the number per week. 

Pure Markets has the sole discretion to determine if a product is appropriate for the market and the right to restrict such items. 


In order to support all markets, no application will be accepted from a vendor who is participating in another weekly market at the exact same location.  If a vendor is found to be in violation of this market rule,  their acceptance in the summer Pure Markets will be terminated. 

Pure Markets will operate rain or shine unless it is determine that the weather would pose a public hazard or the town in which the market is participating requests cancellation. 

Vendors must remain main on site for entire duration of the market, unless product is sold-out. Exceptions must be approved by market management  

Vendors must supply their their own tables, displays, tents and umbrellas. 

All products must have signs indicating sale price. A master price list may be substituted.  No discounted sales signs may be used. 

If a vendor wishes to sell other items  than those indicated on their application, prior approval from market management is required. 

If a full-time vendor will be absent from market, the market manager MUST be notified as soon as possible and NO LATER THAN  noon the day before market. Failure to do this, may result in the vendor being removed from “full-time“ status and moved to "part-time" or "fill-in" status. 

Each vendor is responsible for for cleaning up their space at close of market. 


All vendors must provide and exhibit an NC tax identification certificate. 

Only one vendor may occupy and sell  from booth space.  Vendors are required by NC Sales and Tax Law to clearly display their Certificate of Registration at the locations where the goods are offered for sale.

Vendors will handle their own sales and be responsible for collecting and paying NC and county sales sales tax where applicable. 

Same type vendors and items at weekly summer markets will be limited to five (5). Exceptions must be approved by the market management. 

Vendors may not sub-lease their space. 

No spaces will be available for political purposes. 

All baked goods and canned or jarred products must be labeled identifying the product with ingredients. All food products must be homemade in kitchen approved by the health department.

All vendors must comply with laws, ordinances and regulations of the United States, State of North Carolina, Brunswick County, and the town in which the market is located. 


The owners/operators of Pure Markets are responsible for the day to day management of the Market(s) and have the complete authority to interpret, implement and enforce Market rules and guidelines. Pure Markets reserves the right to accept or reject any vendor's application for any reason. Pure Markets has the complete authority to terminate the relationship with a vendor if the vendor is not in compliance with any rule, guideline or eligibility requirement or is deemed to be acting on a manner that is detrimental to the operation or success of Pure Markets and/or the Markets in general.